Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9/23/08 Stinky's new blankie and KDO

see Stinky's new ugly blanket !
don't you love the big run that popped up after washing !

I spoke to a vendor at Knitter's Day Out that sells Plymouth yarn and she said she won't even carry this in her shop because it catches on everything and has no bounce- just limp! She encouraged me to contact Plymouth so I did. This is what I wrote:

I recently purchased around 15 skeins of your Oh My yarn while on vacation in North Carolina . This yarn looked so soft to make things for my first grandchild due . But I will never buy this again . I had to give the baby blanket I made to my cat it looked so limp and caught on everything. What a waste of money and time!My lys does not sell your brand but have heard good things about Encore.I bought some of that with patterns but not used yet? do you use that foam insert in all your yarns..sort of made me feel cheated with the amount you get.

This is their response..SO what do I do drive down to NC and find my receipt somewhere where I spent way too much for this yarn?? No -no just chalked it up to a learning experience to never ever use Oh My Yarn again!! Stinky does love his new blankie so that makes me feel less disgusted...

Dear Kathleen,
Thanks for your message and especially your interest in Plymouth Yarn.
We were surprised to hear about your experience with our Oh My! yarn. Plymouth Yarn stands behind all its yarns 100%. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we ask you to contact your yarn shop of purchase for complete satisfaction. Encore is one of our best selling yarns and has been for more than 20 years.(my issue is not with this ; have not tried it yet)
Very few of our yarns have the foam insert and the reason for this is to support the yarn and to help keep it intact.

now on to the fun stuff

Knitter's Day Out is my favorite knitting event. It is cheap, not too far away and takes place in the fall weather . To top it off I get to spend precious time with my best friend and sister who got me hooked on knitting in the first place. Sorry -I was having too much fun with so much to carry to use a camera.

Knitting skills have improved vastly since the first KDO 3 years ago. This year no problems were found with the classes and understood everything that the teacher was saying. The first 2 years were a struggle but always learned many new things.

My shopping was limited as trying to use stash and save for next month's knitting cruise but still came home with a few things. My sister gave me this beautiful yarn she hand dyed . It is being used to make a baby blanket. She also lent me a few books with baby patterns that look like future projects especially the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino one.
This Everlyn Clark book was purchased too..http://www.knittersreview.com/article_book.asp?article=/review/reading/070906_a.asp

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Jolynn said...

Wow... I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I will not be using any of that yarn if I ever come across it, that is for sure!

Your new baby yarn, however, is very lovely! ^_^